Depend on a leader in the industry if you have upcoming fabrication projects. In Portland, Oregon, our metal fabrication company has been designing, forming, and finishing custom metal products for many decades. Please review our case studies below for more information about our work.

Case Studies

SRC Delivers Serious Value

At SRC, we have a long-standing history of going above and beyond while working with clients to support their unique needs. We recognize the importance of thinking outside of the box at times, when appropriate, to deliver wins for all parties while doing whatever it takes to prioritize long-term client relationships. The following are a few examples of how SRC has partnered with clients in unique ways to deliver exceptional levels of value.


Our longtime customer had a number of low cost, high volume parts that had become a problem in managing the stock levels and repetitive ordering process. A stock outage situation of any one of these parts could delay the ultimate shipment of the high-value final assemble product. Together we came up with a stocking plan to maintain SRC inventory at their location in a system similar to KanBan. The customer pulls stock in standard bin quantities and reports withdrawals each week. We monitor stock levels and replenish the inventory base upon mutually agreed upon order points. This arrangement has eliminated their stock outage problem and has allowed SRC to manage the production flow and delivery of the parts on a more efficient basis. A win-win for both of us.


We utilize Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) with one of our large customers to fully automate all ordering, shipping, billing and payment systems. This process eliminates the paper and allows daily downloading of new orders, change orders, and shipping information. We have full visibility to their production schedule out several months to all of their various manufacturing locations. All parts are bar code labeled and shipped directly to the manufacturing site. The customer receives shipping notification when the parts leave our dock and is invoiced through EDI.


A US Navy vessel was to be in dry dock for one week. During this time, many of its older electronics systems were to be replaced with new digital controls by our customer. Our customer was able to pre-build most of the electronics prior to the ship arriving in port. However, due to the age of the vessel and time constraints there were no prints available for the metal doors needed to be replaced on all the electronic enclosures. So when the ship hit the dock we accompanied the customer on board. We pulled the old doors of the panels and took them to our shop. We salvaged the existing hinges, measured and fabricated new doors with all the new cut-out locations and installed the old hinges. The doors made it back on board and were installed just in time for the vessel to sail off on its new mission.


Portland, Oregon is home to a robust start-up business community. Many people have good, fresh ideas, but most lack the design or business experience to get the project off the ground. SRC can help you through this process to get your sample part or 1st article made, so you can test the marketplace. We can review your drawings and offer input into to manufacturability and potential cost savings. We also offer advice as to how to eliminate the need for special tooling, creation of flat pattern CAD files, avoid forming problems and reduce welding costs. As a contract manufacturer, your future success is our future success, and we are here to help you through much of that process. We’ve created guitar amps from wood models, manufactured bike racks from napkin drawings, and helped create custom assembly workspaces from simple telephone conversations and a magazine article.

Worker using a welding tool

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